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About Us


Hello we're Mike, Tara & now Little Sid!

We set up Bright Bikes in 2021 when we saw that kids and families in Bristol didn't have much choice of places to go where they could try out and choose a bike that's perfect for them. 

We love to source, refurbish and renew, and brighten up secondhand children's bikes, some of which may otherwise have been forgotten about or sent to landfill. 

We and our team of mechanics replace parts, fully check over all the bikes and give them the TLC they need to ensure they are riding well, so they can continue to be a source of joy for kids of all ages. 

Whether you are after a super lightweight high-end first bike for your child, or simply a reliable budget bike that you know will serve well, we will likely have it! 

We know how much fun bikes can offer for the whole family and we are passionate about supporting this to be a positive and fun experience for you and your kids right from the start! 

We look forward to meeting you!

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